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Automate to improve efficiency, save time & save money

We make
custom AI-powered Chatbots & Automation Solutions

We have a solution for every business intending to improve the way they operate and increase operational efficiency, whether you are in government or the corporate sector.

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About Autumn8

We exist to help you to streamline and work better

We are a team consisting of an academic and an entrepreneur, with extensive experience and knowledge in the control systems, process modelling and automation space.

With the combined skills of Kagiso and Dr Jeffrey who holds a P.hD in Engineering (Control Systems) from University of Pretoria, South Africa, M.Sc in Systems Engineering (Automation and Robotics) from University of Wales, Cardiff, UK, a B.A degree in Mathematics from York University in Toronto, Canada, and a B.Eng degree in Electrical Engineering from Ryerson University, also in Toronto, Canada; you can rest assured that we are capable of delivering world-class solutions.

These solutions are all geared towards assisting companies empower their workforce with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) & intelligent automation (IA) tools, increasing their productivity, and freeing them to do more productive tasks.

We are firm believers in the fact that humans and computers do not need to live in conflict – computers and machines are aids which are meant to assist us humans, and ensuring that the machines are effectively used is what will separate the companies of today from those that survive tomorrow.

Process Enhancement Services

High Impact Artificial Intelligence & Automation Solutions.

Business Chatbots

We create custom chatbots specialized to your industry and role. Empower your staff and company processes with a tool to Automate Sales and Customer Care, as well as chatbots for automating interactions with your employees, such as ensuring smooth employee on-boarding by providing instant response and guidance to the applicant 24/7.

These chatbots can be made accessible through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, SMS and/or easily integrated with any Website or Web-powered application, offering smooth omni-channel user engagement. This will allow for the chatbot to be coded once, and used in many ways, drastically reducing project costs.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) involves using software to automate workflows. The software allows for the automation of SAP applications, Web browsers, as well as Desktop applications.

RPA allows for different source systems to communicate with each other, and conduct cross-platform tasks seamlessly once workflows have been created. We initially start by capturing your screen as you work, after which the generated workflow can be replayed again when needed. When they are replayed, the automation bot will take control of your keyboard and mouse under your supervision, or not, if not required, and allows for actions such as taking a long list of 1000 line items from Microsoft Excel and automatically perform calculations before saving the information in SAP for the creation of an invoice transaction, complete with the necessary transaction code.

Automated Document Creation

PDF/Word documents can be automatically generated based on certain criteria and sentiments e.g. for the creation of customized financial reports. This can save you time and effort, and will ensure that the created documents are all of the highest consistency and accuracy.

Documents can also then be processed and used for any task, with the words being understood better by the computer through the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Dashboard & Custom App Development

We are able to develop a dashboard for your operation for reporting of any set of KPIs. These dashboards will give you line-of-sight of the important aspects of your business, and will allow you to make better business decisions.

We work with SharePoint to provide an enterprise ready solution, which can leverage off the power of the interoperability of the suite of Microsoft products.

Should you require an ERP or customized business solution for managing any of your activities, we are able to develop one for you, using the latest technology stacks - our team primarily uses .NET Core and Angular for developing our corporate solutions.

Process Made Useful

Bring your business processes to life.

what to automate

Some Uses Cases of ChatBot Automation

Chatbots provide another channel to reach out to your customers which can be leveraged to increase customer engagement. Better bot experiences with more engaged audiences are getting 80-90% response rates. While even the least favorable experiences are in the 35-40% range. (Matt Barby)

Chatbots deliver immediate one-on-one responses to your customers – exactly what customers demand. With this problem-solving approach and effective guidance, you make your customers happy and satisfied, and ultimately increase your sales.

Chatbots can be programmed to do pretty much anything, and can integrate with any system that allows for API communication. They can also be programmed to interface with robotic process automation solutions such as UiPath, to initiate workflows on demand.

The following chatbots are the typical type customers require:

Leads Generation Bot

Chatbots can direct customers to answers that will assist in identifying qualified leads for your sales team to follow up on. The generated leads will be of higher value than those obtained by standard contact forms since leads are asked relevant questions and are directed to the sales team for immediate sales conversion, or it schedules an appointment if the team is busy/unavailable. This type of chatbot has uses in all industries.

E-Commerce Bot

E-Commerce based chatbots can assist your customers to find the right product, view your product offering, place an order and even initiate payment for the transaction, through an engaging, conversational experience. This type of chatbot has uses in the retail, hospitality, as well as the fast-food industry, but can also be used by any company in the business of selling products. Projected value of chatbot eCommerce transactions by 2023 is $112 billion. (Juniper Research)

Appointment Booking Bot

Implement the ability for your customers to book a meeting with your company through the different channels (e.g. Facebook Messenger). Respond in the same way as you would have done naturally, and keep track of bookings for services and other appointments. This type of chatbot has uses in all service-based industries, but can also be adapted for other booking needs e.g. table booking.

Support & Feedback Bot

This type of chatbot can assist you in ensuring that customer complaints are always handled and responded to. The use of this will result in fewer support tickets being created, which would have required manual intervention by an agent, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction. This type of chatbot has uses in all industries.

Employee Engagement Bot

Implement an engaging way for your employees to ask certain questions regarding their employment, as well as streamline the on-boarding/recruiting process. By 2022, 35% of organizations will turn the job application process into a simple conversation by utilizing conversational user experience and natural language processing in their recruiting process. (Gartner). This type of chatbot is best suited for companies with medium to large number of employees.

These examples are not exhaustive, and we are able to make a custom chatbot for any business need and use case.

Chatbots also make your customers feel that you care for them by having proactive conversations and this improves your brand perception in the long run. They become your loyal customers and stay associated with your brand for a long time.

When executives were asked “What AI-powered solutions do you imagine having the largest impact on your business?” virtual assistants (31%), analytics (29%) and automated communications like emails and chatbot (28%) become the most common answers. (PwC)


Communicate with your users easily over Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Telegram and integrate with your Website or Web-based application.

AI Powered

AI-powered virtual assistants result in the chatbots having the capability to learn language and the spoken word through NLP and improve customer responses.


App Integration

Integrate your virtual assistant with your software systems for seamless automation of your business processes, and send message notifications when necessary.


All communication and interaction with the user is recorded, as well as all the useful metadata necessary to fully analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of the communication interactions.

8 Reasons To Automate


24-hour Availability

Over 50% of customers expect a business to be available 24/7. (VentureBeat) Maintaining a 24/7 response system allows for continuous communication between the seller and the customer. This benefit however is proportional to how well the chatbots is developed. Chatbots that are unable to understand and serve customer queries fail to add value even if they are 24/7 available. The main issue at this point is how well the chatbots can understand and solve customer problems.


Instant & Consistent

The chatbot experience allows for your customers to have a consistent experience.

Normally, when talking to a customer service rep, a customer has no assurance that other reps are also providing similar, consistent responses, potentially resulting in loss to the customer and/or the company through the customer’s frustration.

Chatbots also drastically cut down human errors e.g. the chatbot can consistently calculate the total price of a set of items, correctly, and send this information to the customer


Save Time & Costs

Chatbots empower your business and save time by providing the first level support that filters a customer request before it is directed to the team.

Research states that consumers and businesses will save over 2.5 billion customer service hours by 2023. (Juniper Research).

Chatbots can help companies save up to 30% of their customer support costs by speeding up response times, freeing up agents for more challenging work, and answering up to 80% of routine questions. (IBM). In total chatbot automation can lead to $23 billion in savings from annual salaries. (Business Insider).

Investing in chatbots saves on the extra costs of salaries, training and infrastructure when adding more agents.


Increased Sales

Business leaders claim chatbots have increased sales by 67% on average. (Forbes) Other than improving customer experience, chatbots can be a frictionless platform for presenting users with recommendations which can smartly introduce customers to new products and services from your company. Chatbots can also boost sales because of their 24/7 availability and fast responses. Customers hate to wait and long wait times result in lost sales. Linking your chatbot to your CRM will enure that as leads are received, they are acted upon timeously.


Improve Customer Experience

Chatbots can be programmed to provide services, give feedback as well as streamline complaint resolution. Chatbots can show the patience that no human can provide and 80% of consumers who have engaged with a chatbot report it as a positive customer experience. (Uberall). Nearly 90% of respondents in the MIT study report that they have recorded measurable improvements in the speed of complaint resolution, and over 80% have noted enhanced call volume processing using AI. (MIT Technology Review). Chatbots however should also have the option of human intervention during the conversation as 86% of users expect chatbots should always have an option to transfer to a live agent. (Aspect Customer Experience Index)


Improve Staff Experience

Chatbots can direct staff to answers that will genuinely help them, which leads to support ticket deflection and increased staff satisfaction. Staff is also empowered to ask questions they might normally not have the courage to raise, and can easily request useful HR  information e.g. leave days accrued.

The created chatbots automate routine business processes and allows the support team to concentrate on complex conversations, all the while cutting down human errors.

Chatbots drastically improve the average resolution time, first response time, number of requests accepted, and the number of issues resolved – KPIs important to any sales team.


Integrate With Systems

Since bots are on digital platforms where people spend the majority of their waking hours working, bots can be used to automate common tasks such as arranging meetings, requesting/saving information from/to a business system (if it is capable of API integration), as well as providing advanced search functionality.

The chatbot can also integrate with UiPath to allow for workflows to be initiated and repetitive tasks being executed seamlessly and easily.


Scale Operations

Unlike live support agents who can handle 2 to 3 conversations, chatbots can simultaneously manage 1000s of conversations. No matter what time it is or how many customers are reaching you, every chat will be answered immediately. According to research, 35% of consumers want to see more companies using chatbots (Opus Research), and 54% of customers report companies need to transform how they engage with them. (Salesforce)